an anime rpg where u can be anything from reapers (only two) to ninja (same as naruto)PS= NO ROBOT ANIMES MEANING ERUKA SEVEN! AND ANY OTHER ONES (GUNDUM SEED)
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 Rules of site (MUST FOLLOW OR BE BANNED!)

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Saya Misaki

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PostSubject: Rules of site (MUST FOLLOW OR BE BANNED!)   Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:44 am

ok these are the rules follow them and we will do fine if not then im sorry but i will have to ban you

1.mods and admin have power if a mod apprves your character but an admin doesnt then you cant have that character.......or reverse way because admin have more power

2.I have more power on here than anyone so if an admin approves something and I dont then no or reverse

3.When making a character follow format and then you can rp if i find out you are rp when you didnt make a character and rp I will ban you must ask admins to make a group it must be aproved by all not including me even if you are an admin you must ask all plus before you make a group you must have 5 people or more to join before you make it if there is less than 5 than no godmoding retarded powers or bloodlines and no coppying a bloodline meaning no reborn of a bloodline you must make your own meaning (no sharingan, nine tailed fox, no demons, no hyuuga, and ect)

7.when making character you must make your equipment in the custom equipment area than you may have weapons un less other wise.

8. when making a jutsu you can not copy off another meaning no water rasengan fire or any of that no u make up your own swaring sex unless in pms but serriously try not to do it.......

11. no back talking including everyone (i mean admin and mods) or i will ban you for 3 days

thats some so far if admins have other rules then add them in a seprate post and no changing mine or i will ban you cause i will no what i posted cause i copyed it to my cpu so i will no well thats all have a good time on rp

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